Plants and Creatures

Wild Stone: Tuning yourself to this Stone will grant you the power to grow Wild Grass, shoot high damage pixie-propelled bolts and enjoy the protection of a magical defense field.

Wild Grass: The most basic grass. It spawns Pixies and wild animals, specially the terribly dangerous Badgers!

Badger: These aggressive little creatures may be weak but what they lack in strength they make up in... uhm... a higher spawn rate! They're also a Pixie's traditional mount.

Pixie: Pixies are one of the first stages in a Fairy's life cycle. These small fairies can be collected and used as resources. They spawn on wild grass and move around patrolling the area. If they happen to find humans they'll throw Pixie spears at them! So to sum up, they act both as forest mini-defenders and resources.

Pixie Bush: Pixies love these bushes and they spawn from them at an increased rate. These bushes grow only on wild grass and give off a smell that Boars love. Make sure you plant one of these if you want to have wild boars around.

Boar: Stronger than a Badger, weaker than a Bear. These forest pigs love to eat pixie cocoons!

Pixie Hive: If sufficient wild energies are spent on a Pixie Bush a Pixie Hive will grow. These pixie wax structures spawn pixies at an even higher rate and attract Bears with the smell of their pixie honey.

Bear: The strongest of your animal allies. Humans will have a hard time dealing with it.

Lynx: Weaker than the Boar but with the ability to enter combat with a pounce attack that deals extra damage and stuns the target.

Saehrimnir Hog: A huge monstruous boar with the ability to regenerate health and be herded by the player. It needs to be summoned from a Wild Stone by spending an important amount of Wild Energies and then fed mushrooms, cocoons or corpses to gain size.

Fairy Stone: Tuning yourself to this Stone will grant you the power to grow Fairy Grass and shoot low damage, weakening fairy bolts.

Fairy Grass: This grass is slightly toxic to humans, and it's magical properties make Pixies mature into Fairies.

Pixie Cocoon: Pixies that have come in contact with Fairy Grass will ultimately build a cocoon around them and metamorphosize into Fairies. Wild Boars love these cocoons and normally eat them once they're open.

Fairy: Fairies are mature Pixies and can be collected as resources too. They just fly around doing nothing for now.

Guardian Flowers: This handy bush acts as a customizable tower. You can grow different defensive flowers on it depending on your needs.

Carnivorous Flower: This is a melee flower that attacks humans in range. It will regenerate back to full health if destroyed.

Dart Flower: A ranged flower. It shoots poisonous darts at its enemies.

Dark Stone: Tuning yourself to this Stone will grant you the power to grow Rotweed.

More to come soon...