Monday, October 10, 2011

Upcoming Features:

Greetings readers! :)

Now that we have the demo my next objective is to have a more complete alpha version available at indievania as soon as I can.
Stuff you can expect for next version:

1) An improved main character: We'll dress her up and improve her animations and postures.

2) Magic Mushrooms: We'll have mushrooms scattered through the levels that grant special skills and effects when eaten.

3) New Aura: The new Fairy Aura will be available. When tuned to a fairy stone you'll be able to grow a different type of grass that turns pixies into fairies and slows down and weakens enemies. With this new aura you'll also be able to plant carnivorous and dart shooting flowers as well as wild berry bushes.

4) New Allies: Fairies and Redcaps. The later are a hostile form of pixies that lay traps and cause extra damage to enemies but harm you when you try to pick them up for wild energies.

5) New Enemies: Militiamen, Mercenaries and Sheep(they eat grass!).

6) More Levels! :)

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