Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Version 0.22 is out!

New Version ready for download!

Here it is. Not as polished as I would have wanted but it was now or never. :P
Oh, save files from previous versions are also compatible with this one so you don't need to start from scratch if you don't want to.
Hope you like it!

Download: Forest Defense Demo v0.22

-Fairy Grass: You can now grow fairy grass after tuning yourself to a Fairy Stone. Fairy grass slows down enemies and turn pixies into flying fairies.
-Guardian Flowers: If you cover a fertile soil tile with Fairy Grass you can then spend your fairy energies(the ones you get from catching fairies instead of pixies) to grow a new type of plant. Once you plant the main bush you can then grow different defensive flowers on it depending on the stone you're tuned to. It acts like some sort of customizable tower.
-Militiamen: Stronger versions of the Peasant enemy. Still not animated though.
-New levels: 3 new levels that get progressively difficult. Hopefully. :P
-New Running Animation: Took me hours and it still needs a lot of work... well, at least she's moving again!

Movement: Arrow Keys
Jump: z
Attack: x
Pause: p
Fullscreen/windowed mode: F4

Thanks for dropping by!


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